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of the integration obligation

It is possible to apply for an exemption from your integration obligation if you experience serious physical or mental problems and in special personal circumstances.

You can apply for an exemption for the basic integration exam abroad (A1)

or the integration exam (A2).


Immigration Services is happy to support you

with your request.  

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We are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We are available every day for all your questions

Available from 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM during our telephone consultation hours on telephone number 070 - 800 2111 / 020 - 261 6434.

Please contact us for more information. We are happy to help you!

Apply for an exemption from your integration obligation



Do you have a serious physical or mental problem or are there special personal circumstances? Did you not pass (parts of) the exam? Then you can apply for a (partial) exemption ​for the basic integration exam abroad or the integration exam. If you receive an exemption, you do not have to take the exam.

You can be granted an exemption on medical grounds if you have serious physical or mental problems or if you are blind or deaf, which means you cannot take the exam.


You can also receive an exemption on the basis of special personal circumstances if there are dire or special personal circumstances. If you have failed the exam several times, you may also qualify for an exemption.

Apply for an exemption


Are you eligible for an exemption from the integration obligation? We are happy to take care of the application and are your point of contact if you cannot reach an agreement with the IND or DUO. ​

​For more information, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Cost waiver




There are costs associated with the request for exemption from the integration obligation. In some cases you must undergo a medical examination at the Dutch embassy/consulate or at Argonaut

in the Netherlands. The costs for this are approx €350.


You also pay for the work of Immigration Services the Netherlands. We handle

a fixed amount of€149 excluding VAT(€41.79) per request.

Is your application unexpectedly rejected? We will file an objection for you free of charge once your application has been submitted by Immigration Services.

To register


Before you place an order, it is wise to first check whether this is possible and whether you meet all the conditions. If you meet all the conditions, you can register via our website.

Do you have any questions? Please contact our team of specialists by telephone without obligation.

Step 1 - Sign up
You register via our website'apply now' at the bottom of this page.

Step 2

Complete your registration by completing the registration form. You can then pay for the course securely online using one of the payment methods: iDeal (most commonly chosen payment method), PayPal or credit card (Mastercard / Visa). 

Step 3

As soon as we have received your registration via our website, we will confirm the order by e-mail through a written order confirmation. After creating the file and confirming the assignment, we will start working on your case.

You will receive an email from us with what you need to create a file. We store your data in our system. This information will not be provided to third parties and is only intended for the assignment and processing of the necessary forms and documents.

After receiving the necessary documents for the request for exemption, we aim to submit the application to DUO within 5 working days.



On all our services our Terms and Conditions and us privacy policy applicable.

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